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About the band

- How long have Riviera Breeze been together?

- How experienced are you?

- How many members are there in the band and what do they play?

- How many of you sing?

- Do you really sound like your demo tracks?

- Do you cater for all age groups?

The performance

- I need more than two 45 minute sets! How long do you play?

- How long is one of your 'sets'?

- What happens during your break(s)?

- Can I request certain tracks to be played during your break(s) from a CD or i-pod?

- Can you provide a Disco and DJ to work alongside the band?

- What do you wear on stage?

- Do you use pre recorded backing tracks, MIDI files or sequencing?

- What are MIDI files, what is sequencing?

- Do you have your own lighting?

- Do you use 'smoke' and strobe lights?

- We have a reception and dinner - Can you play background music during the meal?

- Can you play a special first dance song for us?

Choosing a suitable venue

- How much space do you need for your equipment?

- Can you perform in a marquee?

- How much time do you need to set up your equipment?

- Do you require changing facilities?

- I have been told the venue has a 'sound limiter' - is this a problem?

- Do I need to make arrangements for meals for the band members?

Auditioning, booking and costs

- How far will you travel?

- Can I download / listen to sound samples or obtain a copy of your demo CD?

- How far in advance should I book you?

- Can you hold a date for me?

- How much is the band going to cost me?

- Are there any additional charges beyond the quoted price?

- Frankly, your price is more than I had anticipated?

- How do I make a booking?

- What are your payment terms?

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